Red Shoes Present The Gentlemen’s Club

On Monday, December 12th, York College’s Red Shoes dance club spiced things up on campus with their anticipated Gentlemen’s club show. Embracing themes such as sexuality, confidence and as promised, giving the audience the ultimate experience of a Gentlemen’s Club. The event was held in York College’s Performing Arts Center at 6 to 8:30 pm.

The show started a little later than expected however, Red Shoes opened with an heart felt powerful statement using Danez Smith poem Principles, to show their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. As the poem played aloud, one by one, each dancer walked on stage with their right hand up making a tight fist. With their backs facing the audience forming numerous lines and dressed in mostly black.

Shortly after they exited the stage, the hosts Natesha Folkes and Kevin Atleus entered the stage filling the theater with high energy and demanding the same reaction from the audience. Encouraging them to “turn up” and “Make some noise” as they waited for the next segment to begin. Throughout the show the hosts continued to engage in conversations with the audience as the dancers prepared for each upcoming performance backstage. Also the Sound Board Operator, Quintin Sanders set the mood for the night with slow jams when the hosts weren’t present on stage.

Red Shoes showcased a wide variety of music and dancing styles. The performances featured reggae, soca, modern dance, R&B, hip-hop and afrobeat. They held the audience’s attention with dances to some of the latest popular songs, such as Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles, Amine’s Caroline, Rihanna’s Work, Vybz Kartel’s Fever and Koredo Bello’s Do like that.

Timothy Wilson, a Post Graduation of John Jay says he liked the show a lot and enjoyed himself.

“I liked how they danced to different types of music whether it was R&B, Soca, Reggae or hip-hop. It showed their versatility when it comes to dancing,” he said.

During the brief Intermission, as the dancers took a break, Folkes and Atleus involved individuals in the audience to take part in dance battles to crowd favorites like Chicken Noodle Soup by Young B, Special Delivery by G. Dep, and Juju on that beat by Zay McCall and Zayion Hilfigerrr.

To keep the Gentlemen’s club theme flowing throughout the show, Red Shoes’ grown and sexy R&B solos and group performances stood out as they were intended. They delivered sexy dance moves and romantic gestures to R&B songs such as Trey Songz’s Dive In, Neighbor’s Know My Name, and Chill. Eric Bellinger’s Lay up and Chris Brown’s Discover.

Carakay Campbell, a sophomore at York College says she was impressed with the R&B performances.

“I liked the show a lot. I think they captured what they were going for with the gentlemen’s club theme,” she said.

To top it all off, with what seemed to be the highlight of the night, Red Shoe’s surprised their audience with an entertaining number to R. Kelly’s Seems Like You Ready. The number started with guest performer, Tyrell Greene who hand picked a female from the audience and escorted her to the chair on stage where he serenaded her with his amazing dance moves and a lap dance. As they exited the stage, one by one four other gentlemen escorted four ladies from Red Shoes and serenaded them as well with lap dances and their charm. The ladies were dressed in lingerie satin slip dresses, paired with matching colored robes and high heels and the audience went wild for the performance.

Former member of Red Shoes, now a student at Queensborough Community College, Keziah Watters says she likes how much the dancers progressed.

“I also loved how much they were having fun and interacting with each other. You could tell they were having a good time out there,” she said.

The Finale was a bittersweet solo performance from Red Shoes president, Raydell Sanders. The assistant Stage Manager and Costume Overseer of the show Randell Houston, introduced Sanders to the stage but first informing the audience that this was his last Red Shoes production and performance before he graduates in June. Sanders’ graced the stage with an emotional contemporary dance to Christina Aguilera’s Change. The song choice was the perfect combination of saying goodbye to a stage he has graced with his presence for three successful years and accepting his time has come to move forward.


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